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About QuSL

Based in Barcelona, Spain, QuSL was founded by Ed Weenk in the beginning of 2004, specializing in


Ed is also a lecturer on Logistics & Supply Chain Management at EADA Business School in Barcelona, Spain, which is ranked as one of the world’s TOP-100 business schools by prestigious rankings such as FT and Economist.

Within the school he is also responsible for the entrepreneurial final projects of the International MBA and he is the Director of the Program in Project Management. Since 2007, he has been chosen five times as “Best Professor of the Year” by the students of the International MBA.

With a practical experience since the mid-1990’s, he now works as free-lance consultant, teacher and trainer in:

* Distribution Network Design & carbon footprint
* Transportation strategy & management
* Warehouse re-location studies
* Logistics outsourcing & tendering
* Supply Chain strategy & management
* Operational & productivity improvement
* Project Management
* Entrepreneurship


In 2010, a new line of business was started, combining Ed’s functional expertise with his passion about experiential learning: Business Gaming. Currently, the portfolio contains business games from world leading simulation suppliers about Value Chain (The Fresh Connection™), Supply Chain Finance (The Cool Connection™), and Project Management (Palatine Project Leadership Experience™). Apart from being certified trainer in these simulations, Ed is also their business partner, focussing particularly on Spain and Latin America.

Ed speaks English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch (native language).

In April 2012, Ed’s first management book was published in Dutch, and it has since then been translated and published in two more languages: Spanish and English. The book is titled:

“The Perfect Pass: what the manager can learn from the footbal trainer”

It deals with the importance of seeing the BIG PICTURE, having good internal and external ALIGNMENT and achieving COHERENCE at all levels.

The Dutch paperback version can be bought online at (among others): Kluwer Management, or

The Spanish and English versions of the book have been published by the Barcelona-based publishing company Libros de Cabecera (“Bedside Books”). More information in LdC’s website. There you can find the paper version of the book in Spanish, as well as versions in ePub and Kindle in Spanish and English. The book is also for sale in Apple’s iBook Store.