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“Beyond grey pinstripes”


Within QuSL, we are aware that the world is facing some major challenges and we are convinced that we cannot see this as separate from our business-life.

Therefore, from within our own activities, we want to take an active role, however modest it may be, in working for a better world.

Our “grains of sand”:

In consulting:

We are involved in “Green logistics” (see also:, and furthermore we have been helping some companies with issues related to their “carbon footprint” and what the impact of redesign can be on the total greenhouse gas emissions.

In teaching:

Creating awareness with students about how the Supply Chain area might contribute to the resolution of problems or at least to the reduction of their impacts. Examples of related subjects dealt with in class are the “sustainable supply chain”, “green logistics” and the “bottom of the pyramid”.


In QuSL, we duplicate our budget for christmas gifts to our clients and donate this to NGO/charities we sympathise with. In all cases, there has to be a clear link with education and/or young people, since this is where the future is.
Last year’s donation went to the Barcelona NGO “Casal dels Infants del Raval” (