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Mijn favoriete TEDTalks

• Ken Robinson, about our wrong views on education
• Ben Zander, about passion & leadership, classical music & shining eyes
• Itay Talgam, about orchestra conductors & leadership styles
• Alain de Botton, about ambition & success
• Richard St. John, about success not being a one-way street
• Hans Rosling, about data visualisation
• Rory Sutherland, about strategy not being only about BIG STUFF
• Taylor Mali, a beautiful poem about ‘what teachers make’
• Simon Sinek, about why people buy something from you (products, ideas, visions, …)
• Nigel Marsh: about how work-life balance works
• Malcolm Gladwell: about spaghetti-sauces and positioning
• Seth Godin: about purple cows & everything that’s ‘broken’
• Ric Elias: about thoughts that occur to you when you’re in a crashing airplane
• Matt Cutts: about that you can do anything… if you want