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Supply Chain & Projects

Van Supply Chain herontwerp tot de uitbesteding van logistiek en transport. Van strategische heroriëntatie tot operational excellence. Van Project-coordinator tot multi-culturele linking-pin. Onze internationale ervaring in projecten sinds het midden van de jaren ’90 is een waardevolle bouwsteen in uw projecten.

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Consulting & workshops

In plaats van simpelweg te komen binnenstormen om u eens uit te leggen wat u moet doen, zetten we liever onze vaardigheden in om met uw organisatie samen alle antwoorden te vinden. Van probleemdefinitie, via grondige analyse en de ontwikkeling van alternatieve oplossingen, tot de planning en uitvoering van de implementatie.

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Business Gaming

Leren in de praktijk is de beste en meest effectieve manier van leren, maar ook de meest tijdsintensieve. Business games vormen een heel krachtig alternatief voor versneld leren. We bieden state-of-the-art business games aan over Value Chain, Project Management, en Supply Chain Finance.

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Teaching & Training

Van basistrainingen tot programma’s voor gevorderden, over onderwerpen als bedrijfsstrategie, logistiek & Supply Chain Management, Project management en entrepreneurship. En altijd met “Learning by Doing” als basisuitgangspunt: cases uit de praktijk, interactie, discussie.

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Ed’s boek “De Perfecte Pass”, al beschikbaar in 3 talen:

English, Nederlands & Español!

“Perfect Pass Playfield” workshops nu ook al live!

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  • About "The Perfect Pass":
    «The perfect pass is a manual for management which, on the basis of the very healthy foundations of reflecting and questioning, forms an excellent tool for introspection for those managers who are willing to think in a structured and ambitious way about the challenges they face when carrying out their job of taking decisions in the world of business and companies». - Carmelo Canales, Management Consultant and Vice-President from 2001-2004 of Athletic Club de Bilbao
  • About "The Perfect Pass":
    "The Perfect Pass is a refresher course, a wake up call, for managers who in the midst of everyday hectic crazyness want to see the Big Picture again. At breakneck speed many well known as well as lesser known management concepts come by with the game of football as guiding principle. [...] What makes his approach so refreshing is the connection between theoretical management concepts and down-to-earth realism, like the sketch on the board in the locker-room is followed by the gameplay on the field. Recommended reading for every manager who wants to look in the mirror before going back into the Arena…" - Maastricht: Bart de Rijke, Senior VP SCM, Helly Hansen
  • About "The Perfect Pass":
    "A useful and convenient book, written on the basis of the practical and theoretical experience of the author, with the additional 'light touch' of the link to football and the football trainer. In my opinion a book that for many managers and leaders can be a perfect pass for scoring many goals." - Peter Q. Boltje, Director Strategic Sales, Damco
  • About "The Perfect Pass":
    "In writing The Perfect Pass, Ed has found a nice and practical way for readers to validate if they are still on the 'right' track. It gives inspiration to incorporate new insights into your plans.” - Venlo: Wilbert Tholhuysen, Senior VP Global Accounts, DSV Road
  • About "The Perfect Pass":
    "The Perfect Pass makes you think in a very original and fun way about all of the aspects of running your company and the connection between them. It leads to practically applicable insights. Highly recommendable!" - Rotterdam: Wim Vis, Partner, Expansion
  • About "The Perfect Pass":
    “Ed has done the management ranks a big favour with his book. Not only is it short and sweet – it is incredibly easy to understand given the analogy he uses with sports. You can read it quickly and remember and use the key messages for a long time. What more do you want from a book?” - Sydney: Vivek Sood, CEO Global Supply Chain Group