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The Perfect Pass Around The World

El Pase Perfecto
The Perfect Pass around the World!
When I finished my book “The Perfect Pass” I had two main doubts running around in my head:

* “where will the book end up, now that I have to let it go?”, and
* “will people actually like it?”.

On this frequently updated page I want to do a bit of tracking on those two questions.

Below you can find a list of people from very different places around the world who have taken the trouble of sharing their enthusiasm about the book with me. So yes, the book seems to be travelling around just fine, and yes, those people who read it seem to like it quite a lot.

For the moment, the “feedback-counter” stands at 8 countries!

Is your country missing and did you like the book, just email me to let me know your country and your (brief) review of the book. I will frequently send out updates about the latest status. Many thanks in advance!

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ArgAwaiting the first direct feedback, there is indeed clear proof that the book has reached Argentina:

Looking forward to hearing more from this football-loving country!

PeruTaking advantage of a spare moment in my programme some time ago in Lima, I visited the beautiful Librería SUR on Avenida Pardo y Aliaga 683 in the very nice neighborhood of San Isidro.

A great experience to see El Pase Perfecto in such a wonderful place, so far from home!

mx“I saw a clear example of many areas of improvement within my own company and I recommended various managers to read it as well, because it’s about seeing many things from a different angle. What I appreciated most was the metaphor with football, I think there is no better way of explaining the behaviour of a manager or the different stages one lives in a company.”

Mexico City: Santiago Alanis, General Manager Yogurtland

au“Ed has done the management ranks a big favour with his book. Not only is it short and sweet – it is incredibly easy to understand given the analogy he uses with sports. You can read it quickly and remember and use the key messages for a long time. What more do you want from a book?”

Sydney: Vivek Sood, CEO Global Supply Chain Group

(rated 5 stars in

United Kingdom
uk“The opening quote by Cruijff defines it very sharply: ‘simple is the most difficult’. Weenk has certainly taken this quote into account and has succeeded in bringing the complexity of running a business back to understandable concepts. In many occasions he holds a mirror in front of the reader, inviting to reflection about the own situation. Recommendable reading for keeping one’s managerial skills sharp. And to close with another quote by Johan Cruijff: ‘if you don’t win, you lose’!”

London: Wim van Roekel, Senior VP & General Manager SFI EMEA, Tate & Lyle

be“Did you know that Ed himself was actually a lousy footballplayer, but nevertheless he knows the tactics, the technique and the strategy of the game really well, including the very important part of training. […] And you know what, Johan Cruijff cannot be seen independently from Barcelona, he comes over to Amsterdam every once in a while to press some critical buttons before disappearing again to his ‘casa’. And the same goes for Ed, he also lives in Barcelona and frequently comes over to the Netherlands to explain which buttons to press. I’ve read his book with much pleasure and I’m very curious to know where in the line-up he would put me.”

Turnhout: Mario Schoofs, CCO Wim Bosman Group

nl“The Perfect Pass is a refresher course, a wake up call, for managers who in the midst of everyday hectic crazyness want to see the Big Picture again. At breakneck speed many well known as well as lesser known management concepts come by with the game of football as guiding principle. […] What makes his approach so refreshing is the connection between theoretical management concepts and down-to-earth realism, like the sketch on the board in the locker-room is followed by the gameplay on the field. Recommended reading for every manager who wants to look in the mirror before going back into the Arena…”

Maastricht: Bart de Rijke, Senior VP SCM, Helly Hansen

“The Perfect Pass makes you think in a very original and fun way about all of the aspects of running your company and the connection between them. It leads to practically applicable insights. Highly recommendable!”

Rotterdam: Wim Vis, Partner, Expansion

“In writing The Perfect Pass, Ed has found a nice and practical way for readers to validate if they are still on the ‘right’ track. It gives inspiration to incorporate new insights into your plans.”

Venlo: Wilbert Tholhuysen, Senior VP Global Accounts, DSV Road


ch“A useful and convenient book, written on the basis of the practical and theoretical experience of the author, with the additional ‘light touch’ of the link to football and the football trainer. In my opinion a book that for many managers and leaders can be a perfect pass for scoring many goals.”

Peter Q. Boltje, Director Strategic Sales, Damco