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Consulting & workshops

Foto_Ed_EADAWe do not believe that companies in general lack creativity nor ideas and in our experience this also holds for the Supply Chain area.

What we do believe is that companies often lack time, methodology and sometimes a bit of practical knowledge of the state-of-the-art in order to keep improving.

So that is what QuSL offers to its clients: support via a methodological approach, applying a fresh look on things and mobilising internal company creativity and ideas to develop and implement solutions.

In other words:

We will not bluntly come running in …

… telling you what to do …

… but we will help you find out …

… and help you make it happen !


NEW! “P3 – PERFECT PASS PLAYFIELD”PerfectPassLaunch_small
A new workshop format, based on Ed’s book The Perfect Pass. From strategic vision to operational implementation and continuous improvement, all analysed and put into perspective in a 2-day workshop for high-level executives, management teams or departments, looking for a fresh internal benchmark and a concrete and tangible action plan for improvement.

Practical and intensive 2-day workshop

For whom?
High-level executive teams, management teams, departments

Complete analysis in a short time with specific action plan as deliverable
Sharing of strategic and operational visión

As a seminar; yearly company events; “board retreats”; In-company

Short conceptual introductions; break-out sessions in teams; plenary discussion and development of action plan

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