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Business Simulation Games

Business Simulations for Effective Learning
Continuous learning is a must for managers in today’s ever more complex business world and probably the best way of learning is on-the-job. However, learning on-the-job this has some disadvantages as well: it takes a lot of time, in many occasions there are no tutors or mentors at hand for support with reflections and feedback and, above all, mistakes are normally not allowed.

Business simulations are a great alternative to complement on-the-job learning: they come very close to real-life situations; they’re very intensive and therefore highly effective; they’re fun to participate in; they’re safe (mistakes allowed!) and above all, they can be done in a relatively short timeframe.

Fundamental ways of reaching objectives with companies
Nowadays, two ways of successfully getting where you want to go with your company are becoming more and more relevant: management via projects and via cross-functional collaboration. Both are difficult and complex, they both require a lot of specific knowledge and skills. Both benefit from specific training and both can be trained via business simulations.

QuSL offers training with state-of-the-art business simulations in aforementioned fields:

• Project Management: Project Leadership Experience™, from Palatine Group, NY, USA. Active in the business simulation field since the 1970’s. Track record includes companies like NASA, Boeing, HP and Accenture.

• End-to-end value chain: The Fresh Connection™, from Involvation Interactive of The Netherlands. More than 10.000 participants since 2008. Company references include Philips, JohnDeere, Heineken and Canon.

• Supply Chain Finance: The Cool Connection™, also from Involvation Interactive of The Netherlands. Introduced at the end of 2012, focussing on the operational challenges in Supply Chain and the related issues for financing working capital.

For more information about one or more of these business simulations and the corresponding training formats, or to request a more extensive introduction or a demo, please send an email to